10 New Year's resolutions you can handle

by Melissa Jaramillo

10 New Year's resolutions

10 New Year's ResolutionsAs the old year winds down, your thoughts might turn to changes you'll make in the coming year -- like losing the 10 pounds we gained from all the holiday cookies and candy.

You could be in the midst of sorting through the old toys to make room for the new.

Whether it's smiling more, getting rid of clutter or excess, we asked our braintrust, aka our Pregnancy.org members to share their goals for the coming year. Do they jive with yours? Let's take a peek!

1. Just say, "No!

Say "no" to more functions and parties. It's always hard to say no but then we end up over committed. Try to find a day of the week(end) to just do nothing -- no parties, no gatherings, no events to attend -- just be with family. ~Jenn0113

What do our members plan to do with this saved time?

2. Get healthier

I need to get healthier. I'm not making any specific weight goals or the like. I've had some not-so-great news about my health lately and it's time to change. I need to: ~carg0612

  • Eat like a healthy person
  • Move like a healthy person
  • Think like a healthy person
  • Commit -- to my husband, to my children, to myself that I can make these life changes

3. Find my house

Get back into FlyLady! Enough said. My house was so much more managable when I scheduled chores, but lately I've let it slip and find myself struggling to keep up with everything. ~mandi04

4. Love on my babies

I'm going to love and hug my babies, even when they are being sassy. Time goes too fast! I think I've gotten better at picking my battles over time. Last year, I vowed to stop yelling, which I did pretty good at but I'd like to really eliminate it completely this year. ~mandi04

5. Be in the now

I'm not going to regret yesterday or live for only tomorrow. I'm going to live right now and enjoy those things that fall in my path. Each day I will appreciate where I am at any given moment in time (maybe not all day, but at least daily). ~Jules

6. Find time for myself

I'll make time for myself (i.e. get a pedicure, go to a movie, go on a date with my husband). ~MrsRiggert

7. Focus on family

This year, I'll send cards to my family and friends on their birthdays. I did great last year, until March. Then I fell apart. I want to continue with RAK -- random acts of kindness. I think I did okay this year, but I'd like to bring it up a notch. ~Joee

8. Work on romance and love life

Be more affectionate towards DH and show him I appreciate him. ~Annie

9. Get out and about

A newborn can alter life as we know it. ~scifigal~ is committed to taking the plunge -- and readjusting life by:

• Get back into bellydance class
• Get to the gym more often
• Get out and about with my son
• Have some date time with the hubby

10. Plan ahead

And once again, I'll start saving for Christmas on January 1 I did this last year and I'm so much less stressed about the holidays this year.

What's on your list -- as a parent, for your personal life, fitness, baby-making, work or career goals? We want to hear it all!

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