10 things to do with leftover Halloween candy

by Julie Snyder

Halloween CandyYou picked out all the kinds of candy you love now and as a kid.

The bowl over-flowed and the kids grabbed handfuls of the delectable morsels as Halloween night wore on.

The trick or treaters have disappeared like all the ghosts and ghouls, but a pile of candy remains behind.

What can you do with it all, besides munch and consume it? See how these ideas "taste" to you!

10 things to do with left-over candy

1. Build a gingerbread house

Use that left-over Halloween candy to decorate gingerbread houses on Thanksgiving while the food is cooking. Go for an autumn creation, a spook house or a holiday home.

2. Send it around the world

Your Halloween candy could be included in the care packages sent to soldiers serving their country far from home.

3. Create a custom trail mix

Make a special Halloween version of trail mix by tossing in a handful of candy pieces with your pretzels, nuts, raisins, and dried fruits.

4. Science experiments

Encourage your kids to drop a warhead in baking soda water, and watch the bubbles erupt. Leave a skittle in water, and see the S floats to the surface. Melt a starburst, and observe the shiny oil spots. You're doing scientific candy experiments.

5. Reduce by recycling

Use the loot in stockings or if you have a birthday or other party coming up, offer to use your candy to fill up goodie bags or a piñata.

6. Reuse

Buy fun chocolate molds at a craft store, melt down your extra chocolate bars, pour into the molds and let cool. Share these decorative, delicious gifts!

7. Make your own advent calendar

Make an advent calendar or holiday countdown calendar, using the leftover candies as the treats for each day.

8. Bake with it

Use chopped-up candy bar pieces instead of chips in cookies and brownies. Mix butterfinger and other candy bar pieces into your cake batter.

9. Make place markers

Create miniature and edible cornucopia place-markers for Thanksgiving by filling sugar cones with a mix of candy corn, M&Ms, Runts, etc. Then lay them on their side next to each table setting.

10. Freeze it

Candy will keep for at least one year in the freezer, according to foodies.

What will you do with it all? Tell us in the comments!

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.