10 turkey alternatives for your Thanksgiving feast

by Sana Sandström Turkey alternativesThanksgiving feasts come, Thanksgiving feasts go. There's a chill in the air and the leaves are abandoning hte trees. You look at your grocery list and ask yourself, "How much turkey can a person really eat in their lifetime?" While some folks don't mind eating the bird every holiday, does the idea of the traditional fowl not fit your idea of a perfect holiday? Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or just plain tired of turkey, one of the alternatives on our list will be a hit. Turkeys around the world will rejoice with our list of turkey substitutes!

Ten turkey alternatives

1. Tofu turkey with stuffing

Blend tofu with herbs and flavorings. Then drain overnight in a cheesecloth-lined colander. Shape the tofu like a turkey with stuffing inside and bake. While it might not have a turkey texture, you'll be able to carve it. Go heavy on the sage and poultry seasoning for a "turkey" flavor.

2. Tofu in any other form

Seared, seasoned or braised, the possibilities are nearly endless. These might not look like a bird, but they'll brighten your table and delight your guests.

3. Tofurky®

The Tofurky® Roast, a pre-cooked vegetarian feast made from a tofu-wheat protein blend and Turtle Island Food's "giblet" gravy can give your table a tradition look. Make it up in the crock pot with lots of potatoes and carrots.

4. Nutloaf

You knew you'd invited some nuts; how about serving them, too? Once you've taken a bite, you'll wonder why hosts bother with turkey. Rich, chewy, umami-loaded and very satisfying, nutloaf has won the hearts and palates of many people, even non-vegetarians.

4. Vegetarian Lasagna

With our scrumptious, but easy vegetarian lasagna, you'll be able to enjoy time with your guests instead of bonding with your stove.

5. Roast Pork

Try another tradition fall product -- pork. Roast it up on a bed of potatoes and root vegetables for a non-tradition holiday meal. You'll find this meal a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

6. Baked Salmon

Have you changed the holiday's name from turkey day to fish-giving If so, consider barbecuing salmon! The cooking time is faster than a turkey and just as tasty.

7. Thanksgiving Jambalaya

Bring a touch of the bayou to Thanksgiving with an authentic jambalaya. You can use any meat -- turkey breast slices, chicken or shrimp. Guests will be impressed that you've bucked tradition!

8. Leg of Lamb

Smoked, stuffed, butterflied...a leg for every table! Imagine that aroma mixed with baking stuffed mushrooms and twice baked sweet potatoes. Heavenly!

9. Cornish Game Hen

Is an entire turkey too much? Go small and festive with stuffed, baked Cornish game hens on a bed of winter vegetables. Such a taste treat you might find saving room for pie a challenge.

10. Roast Beef

Nothing on the list hit the spot? How about roast beef? Rich, satisfying, simple. Plus you can make wonderful leftover dishes. Does your family have a non-traditional Thanksgiving favorite? Share it with us in comments. Happy "ungobble gobble" day! Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.