10 ways to announce your pregnancy during the holidays

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by Melissa Jaramillo

Announce pregnancy during holidaysYou've been saving your news for days and weeks now -- waiting for that perfect time during the holidays to share the most exciting news ever!

You're expecting! Now's the time to let your friends and family in on your secret!

Here are our members' top ten suggestions for announcing your bundle of joy during this special time of year

Announce your pregnancy during the holidays

1. Enlist the U.S. Postal Service

"Use a service that allows you to make custom Christmas/Holiday cards from your photos. Chose your sonogram photo as the front of the card, and add your due date in decorative lettering below the image. You can include a greeting inside that says "Happy Holidays from the newest member of the family." Send these out as you would your regular Christmas cards." ~Meghan

2. Gift a New Year calendar

"Mark important dates for your family throughout, being sure to circle and tag your due date, maybe with a picture of a stork!" ~Jen

3. Name that baby

"At Christmas time, we bought a baby name book, and stuck the ultrasound picture in the middle. We put it in a box, wrapped it and were anticipating the look on her face. It was absolutely priceless." ~Krystie

4. Perfect for grandparents-to-be

"We wanted to tell my husband's parents in a special way so we bought two bibs. One said "I Love Grandma" and the other "I Love Grandpa". We put the bibs in Christmas bags and asked them to open them at the same time. They were in shock at first and then we all started to cry. That night my husband's parents took pictures of themselves holding the bibs up to their necks and a big smile on their faces. The grandparent's presents were wrapped and were address "To: Grandma and Grandpa; FROM: Your Grandbaby." ~Lianne

5. Make use of new technology!

"Online videos are great! Whether it be from your iPhone and positing it on Facebook or using Skype. It's a great way to post your announcement and share it with everyone all at once! You could build a pregnant snowman, write "We’re expecting!" in lights or maybe a Santa Claus spoof!" ~Deanna

6. Holiday treats

"I have a tradition of baking tons and tons of goodies for the holidays. You could make cookies shaped like baby related items (booties, rattles, diapers, etc.). Then, when bringing out the plate of baked goods, ask your guests if they can see the hidden message contained within the cookies!" ~Beth

7. Say it with decorations

"Before your holiday gathering, decorate your Christmas tree with baby items, like rattles, pacifiers and small toys. Top it with pink and blue ribbons rather than red or green trimmings. Hang a baby-sized stocking with the rest of your adult-sized stockings and put your baby's name on it. You can also label it as "new baby" or something similar." ~Lori

8. Secret Santa

"If your family does a drawing or Secret Santa gift game, write something like "Katie and Jack's New Baby" on a piece of paper and slip it into the hat. When the family gathers around to draw names, they'll draw your surprise." ~Noelle

9. Showcase baby

"You can also wrap your belly with a gift bow, and appear at your Christmas/holiday dinner like that! Your relatives might need a while to figure this one out, but it can be a lot of fun." ~Sue

10. A New Year's Eve "fortune"

"We decided that we would make "fortune booties" and so we bought the smallest baby booties we could find (one for every family present) and we put a small fortune inside of it that read "Confucius sees a new addition to your family. Your lucky day is July 31st." ~Gina

Are you announcing a pregnancy over the holidays? Tell us about it!

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