10 ways to say NO to Halloween candy

by Julie Snyder

No Candy HalloweenThe scariest part of Halloween isn't the ghosts and goblins but the ever-abundant mountain of Halloween candy.

It's everywhere, calling out to you from perky colored wrappers in perfectly portioned bite-sized.

Those cute little fun-size candy bars seem harmless -- and they are, if you can limit your consumption, but that's easier said than done.

These 10 tips will help you avoid the temptation of the haunting goodies at home and at the office.

10 ways to just say, "no!"

1. Halloween candy is not special

It's not unique. It's not homemade, or a once-a-year treat, and we're pretty sure it doesn't invoke fond childhood memories of sitting around the dining room table while mom pulls things out of the oven.

2. Eat right all day

Eat properly so you can stay away from Halloween candy. If you keep yourself on track for eating, then avoiding the Halloween candy is easier because you won't be famished.

3. Get enough sleep

A less stressed body can say no! Did you know that lack of sleep makes your hungrier, less satisfied when you do eat and lowers your motivation to make wise choices. Face the battle of the candy dish well-rested!

4. Buy candy you don't enjoy

Another approach is the last trick-or-treater trots out of sight, you'll be happy to give the left-overs away.

5. Buy candy later

Wait-- until the day before or even the day of Halloween. The longer you have it in your house the harder it will be to say no to the temptation of a having just one more "little" treat.

6. Don't buy candy at all

Fill the treat bowl with stamps, tattoos, small toys, raisins, fruits, pretzels, anything but candy!

7. Out of sight, out of mind

Ask your co-workers to keep their candy jars and bowls inside their desks or stashed in a cabinet in the break room so you wo’t be tempted every time you see it. At home, stash yours away in a cupboard.

8. Knowing the consequence

Did you know that to exercise off those two bite-size bars you need to spend an hour in the gym.? Yup, an hour in the gym just for two bite-size bars.

9. Allow a treat

Make sure it's a treat, though. Choose the candy you really enjoy. Set those aside. Decide what time of day you most relish the sweet stuff, and save your special treat for that time. Then sit back and slowly savor the taste sensation. Take the rest and...

10. Get rid of candy

does your area have a dentist-buy-it back program? Other ideas include sending to military via operation gratitude or donating to a shelter.

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.