Kid's Activity: 100s Day!

71. Clap 100 times.
72. Using a food scale and various size cans, can you create a combination that reaches 100 ounces.
73. Drink 100 ml of juice.
74. Make a 100 day cake! Bake a two layer round cake. After cooling, cut squares out of the center of each. This makes the zeros. Put the two squares together to form the number one. Frost and enjoy!
75. Look at a $100 bill (or a picture of one). Who is the President? Learn more about him!
76. Run in place for 100 seconds.
77. Read One Hundred Hungry Ants by Elinor Pinczes.
78. Game: Roll a pair of dice and write down your total. Then move to the next player on the left (in a circle). Keep taking turns and adding each roll to your previous sum. Winner is the first to reach 100 by an EXACT roll.
79. Build a creation using 100 miniature marshmallows and toothpicks! Will you build a robot, an animal. maybe an alien!
80. Make a long snake using 100 balls of cotton and a glue gun.

81. Walk 100 steps -- backwards! (Make sure that someone is facing the right direction that can warn you of any obstacles or dangers to watch out for!).
82. Throughout the day do a set of 10 sit-ups. Do this 10 times and you will have completed 100!
83. Look up what 100 parrots are called!
84. Gather several grocery store ads. "Shop" for items and see how much you could buy if you had $100 to spend. Make a list of your *pretend* purchases. See who can buy the most for their money.
85. Lick a tootsie roll lollipop 100 times. Did you get to the center?
86. Make a 100 day crown. Cut out a cardboard crown and tape in place to fit (or you can drop by Burger King and ask if they still have any!). Next, glue on things -- macaroni, teddy grahams, gumdrops, candies, pieces of construction paper, stickers, etc. until you have 100 items glued on.
87. Cut out 100 hearts and arrange to form various picture shapes.
88. Draw a picture with 100 animals.
89. Make a pizza with 100 olive slices.
90. Color 100 squares on graph paper. How many squares high and how many squares long is your shape?

91. Start with 100 toothpicks. Rubberband into groups of 10. How many groups of 10 toothpicks are in 100?
92. Make a costume of exactly 100 items. Stickers, pins, ribbons all can count toward your 100. Who can make the silliest? The scariest? The prettiest?
93. Draw a picture of a car, 100 years in the future.
94. Play 100 rounds of rock, paper, scissors.
95. Stand at your front door. Estimate 100 paces (big steps). Then test your guess by pacing of 100 steps. Was your estimation close?
96. Gather 10 different ingredients for snack mix -- mini pretzels, raisins, peanuts, almonds, carob chips, dried fruits, crackers, mini marshmallows, etc. Pass out ziplock snack bags and let everyone make a treat bag with exactly 100 items.
97. Try to think up 100 pairs of homonyms. Write them on pears and glue to a fruit tree poster.
98. Can you eat 100 pancakes? Have mom cook them very small!
99. Make a "100 t-shirt" by forming a design with 100 thumb prints or overlapping 100 hand prints on the shirt using fabric paint.
100. Parents, hide 100 paper chickens through the house. Then read The Wolf's Chicken Stew, by Keiko Kasza. Can the children find ALL the chickens? Good luck!

Julie Snyder is a mom of six, interested in kids, pregnancy, birth, people and lives in the outlying Seattle area. Melissa Jaramillo is mom to many. She's passionate about building, encouraging, and strengthening families on this adventure known as parenthood!

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