30 Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

  • "Gambling" scratch tickets: Have scratch tickets created with all baby theme pictures.
  • Announce it in the candy dish: Leave out a dish of special pink and blue m&m's.
  • Customized fortune cookies: Pick your messages and watch the faces!

I bought custom pink and blue M&M's that said, "WE'RE PREGNANT" on one side and the due date on the other. I poured them in a bowl to share at a family get together. It took a while before someone read them but when they did, everyone's reaction was priceless! We also sent a bag to our family in Ireland. I wish we could have seen their faces as well, but their reaction online and on the phone was still a lot of fun. ~Chimmy, Pregnancy.org member

Put 'Em on the Spot: Create a situation for self-discovery, sit back and enjoy the responses.

  • Ask an important question: "Which do you prefer? Grandma/Pa or Nana/Papa?"
  • "What's this!?": Borrow or buy some baby clothes. Ask a friend or family member to get the laundry out of the dryer/hamper and see what happens!
  • Writing on the donut: Label each person's favorite kind with their name. Don't forget to include baby's name if you have one picked out! Let the guessing begin. Who are the new parents?
  • Surprise in the fridge: Place a ketchup or mustard in a baby bottle and ask your friend for the condiment.
  • What's the dog playing with?: Get a rattle-shaped toy for your dog. Ask those around you, "Could you see what the pup's playing with?"

I handed my mom an "important survey." On the front it said, "Please mark your selection and return by August 14" (my due date). On the inside was a list of check-boxes next to 10 different "Grandma" names. She started to fill it out and then tossed the survey and pencil and jumped up to hug me! ~Cindy, Pregnancy.org member

Use your Facebook status: Ready to make the big announcement about your pregnancy to your social networking friends and family?

  • Tag your husband/partner: "Is it okay if we tell everyone we're pregnant now?"
  • Status says: "...is eating for two"
  • Witty status messages: "My eggo is preggo."
  • Change your profile picture: Switch out your typical profile picture to your latest ultrasound. That's bound to get some "likes" and comments!

Between you and your partner: Did you test alone? Beyond blurting out the news, you could try one of these:

  • Baby stickers/cling-ons: Hang a "Baby On Board" sign in your husband's/partner's car window.
  • Bun in the oven: Buy some hamburger buns and place them in a (cool) oven. When your other half gets home, have them open the oven and get "dinner" out for you. When they look at you funny, hold your belly and say, "I got one in mine, too!"
  • Subtly is over-rated: While getting dressed ask, "Does this baby make me look fat?"
  • Dedicate a song on the radio: Call a local radio station and see if they are willing to let you announce your news on the air or have them read a message while you know your partner is listening. This item might take some prior planning.

Post your innovative ideas and stories in the comments, we'd love to hear them (even the bloopers)!

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