The 411 on Nesting and Pregnancy

Pregnancy Nestingby Tabatha Jones

Nesting is not only for birds. As humans, we nest, but in a different way.

As our due date gets closer we naturally start to prepare for our new baby. This usually starts to happen around the fifth month of pregnancy, intensifying as the birth day approaches.

Most of the time we don't even notice we are doing it; it's just a natural urge we get.

Nesting behaviors are often irritating to your loved ones and always unique to the individual. Signs of nesting may include an unusual burst of energy which gives us the ability to clean, organize, do laundry, and even decorate.

Some women feel the need to purchase the still-needed baby items but for the most part we stay home. It's very common to become a homebody during this time -- not because you have to, because you want to.

Nesting can be very simple or very detailed. For some women nesting includes setting up the baby's room and just a basic surface cleaning. For others, nesting is taken very seriously using a tooth brush to get to every nick-n-cranny.

There seems to be no end to the lengths a nesting mother will go to prepare for her upcoming arrival.

Many times when nesting occurs closer to 40 weeks, it could be seen as a sign of labor just around the corner.

An urge to make sure everything is done before the baby is here.

If this is the case, try to take it easy. If labor is around the corner you're going to need that energy.

Even though you may have these urges some of them you may want to skip or get someone else to do for you.

Try to avoid the following:

• Painting, unless you're using no-VOC paints

• Moving furniture or any heavy lifting

• Cleaning products with strong chemicals

• Pesticides and herbicides associated with yard work or gardening

• Avoid all ladders and hard to reach places

Be sure to:

• Baby-proof your home

• Purchase any last minute baby items

• Pack your hospital bag

• Finish up old projects

Most of these are common sense but when you're nesting you may go to extreme measures to accomplish a goal.

Nesting can be one of the more humorous aspects of pregnancy. You will find yourself getting teased by your friends and family for your strange cleaning behavior. No one can pull you out of it no matter how silly your behavior may seem. It's just something you got to do.

Do you have a unique nesting story? Share it with us as a comment!

In the end you'll be glad that you finished up old projects, got organized and more than ready for your little one to come. The act of nesting gives a feel of accomplishment toward birth.

Savannah Hernandez and Tabatha Jones, owners of Mommy Appelseed Maternity Clothing, grew up together and have remained close friends ever since. They came up with the idea of starting an online maternity clothes boutique while discussing their decisions to expand our families. Remembering the dull maternity fashions during their first pregnancies compelled them to open an maternity clothes boutique that offered comfortable, sexy maternity clothes without sacrificing style.

Reprinted with permission from Mommy Appelseed Maternity Clothing.