A Halloween treat: Memories, fun times and a money lesson, too

by Lisa McCarthy

Halloween PartyIt's Halloween. I love Halloween.

Every year I have a big Halloween party for the kids.

I believe my party has created a whole new language for the parents, but what a Halloween treat!

After all of the festivities, new phrases come to pass.

By the end of the night we summarize that our kids are officially "excessively blood sugared, "hyper exhausted," "sweetly sick" and a "haunted mess."

I love when I have to send them on their way knowing that their parents have to endure a ghostly night — with a haunted child.

But the memories created are well worth it. Or at least I think so.

This year as I started my Halloween planning, my daughter asked me if she could be involved in putting the party together. And, she announced — she wants to have a murder mystery party.

It sounded like a great idea.

Off I went starting to create one. After I pulled down all my boxes and props and started to write out the list of things I might need, I asked myself if there was a money lesson for my daughter in all of this Halloween madness.

At first I thought no, there wasn't, but then realized that she could be a part of how I put it together. I could show her how I find things at thrift stores, make many things myself and recycle and use things from my other parties.

So I took a leap of faith and made her my party CFO — just to see where that might lead.

I sat down with her and put a party plan together. We took inventory, decided what we needed wrote a list and set a budget.

And although we are not done putting it all together, what I am finding is an 11-year-old can get really creative and resourceful. This may be my best party yet!

Have you tried this activity with your kid yet?

Lisa McCarthyLisa Laughton McCarthy is a mom with a passion! As the founder of MoneySmartKidz and author of "The Money Tree," Lisa, takes delight in finding fun creative ways to help show young children the value of financial independence! Her first book "The Money Tree," with its eye-catching illustrations, is the answer to every parent who wants to give their child a head start on the road to financial independence.

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