A Recipe for Sanity: The Working Mother's Survival Guide

A Sense of Humor

The final and most important ingredient in the recipe for sanity is the one that can be most difficult to find: your sense of humor. You may not be able to sidestep all the pitfalls that await a working mother -- a sick child, an unsupportive employer, or a to do list that just won't die -- but you'll feel a whole lot better about life if you're able to see the humor in the day-to-day insanity. There's an added perk, of course: you can look forward to giving the play-by-play to your girlfriends later on!

As you can see, there are six important ingredients in the working woman's recipe for sanity: a supportive employer, understanding co-workers, a bulletproof childcare arrangement, a family that's in your court, an abundance of energy, and a sense of humor.

Accept no substitutions! What are some of your tips?

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Indeed being a working mom is a constant struggle for survival. But many working moms pull it of and have quite a happy life, and raise normal good children that learn ti appreciate what their mother has done for them.