Abbie's Arrival: A Home Birth Story

Abbie nursing contendedlyMy midwife was down between my legs, looking at it and telling me to go ahead and push. I felt something come out and it stung really bad. She asked for an amniotic hook and popped my water bag a second time. Apparently I have a really tough bag of waters and it ballooned out, the water sprayed everywhere when she popped it. The relief I felt after that was popped was indescribable.

The baby moving down my vagina felt like I was being ripped in half. I think at one point I decided I wanted an epidural or any drugs they could give me because this was awful. Then I realized it was too late and they kept telling me I was committed to this now and couldn't take it back.

After that She told me to bear down with the next contractions so she could see the baby again. Finally! I gave a test push to see if I could control my body enough still to have the energy to bear down after not allowing myself to do it. I didn't really push very hard because I was trying to figure out how much strength I needed and was trying to get a feel for my body after being told not to push.

Then, she blurts out, "Oh my, I think I see hair!" She turns to her assistant and asks her to look with her. They tell me to bear down again and yep, there's hair all right and I pushed so hard her head popped out without warning. I couldn't help it.

I think at some point during this I said, "I changed my mind, I want a c-section, please just kill me, I don't have the energy to push anymore, I can't do this." or something along those lines.

My midwife told me, "Well, just stop and rest for a minute then."

So I did, and my body did; it rested for about 3 minutes and then I had another intense contraction and out popped her body. There was no ring of fire, there was no slow stretching. I pushed her out in under 10 minutes from when they gave me permission to push and it took only two real pushes to get her out.

When she came out head first, I blurted out, "You mean I could have had my water birth, this didn't have to hurt this bad?" (or something along those lines, that was the gist anyways, but my memory's a bit fuzzy)

All I could think about was she came out head first. I was right she flipped and I had to suffer through all those flipping contractions because we couldn't confirm for sure that she wasn't still breech.

Meeting Abbie

They told me to grab her and at this point I was shaking so bad I couldn't move, I was locked up and told them I couldn't, and so they placed her on me.

I'm still in shock that I was right that she flipped head first. But, it proved to me that my water needed to break to get things going, and that her head needed to be down there for my labor to kick in and put me over in active labor.

Because of how she came out, I required 2 stitches since my midwife didn't get a chance to stretch me and Abbie had a 13 inch head. It was perfectly round when it came out. She came out in just under an hour from when my water broke that her head didn't even have time to mold.

I held her skin to skin while they cleaned me up a bit and delivered the placenta. I think the stitches were the worst part. she numbed me, but one of them I felt her put in. I nursed her and she ate like a champ.

Then, they cleaned her up and did her exams and gave her one of her vaccines. The midwife will be back today to give me my Rhogham shot and do the rest of her vaccines.

I was so shaky and sore and mildly panicked about hemorrhaging since I almost died with my son. The midwives got me up to pee, gave me a shot of Pitocin and my bleeding was fine. I felt like I bled a lot, but they told me it was a normal amount.

We tried to wake my son up to come see his sister when she was born. There wasn't enough time to get him up for the pushing phase. The assistant went to get him. When he woke up and she asked him if he wanted to come meet his new sister. He goes "why?" and then rolls back over and goes to sleep.

He met her this morning and was quite enthralled by her and very excited but apparently late at night, sleep was more of a priority to him.