Abbie's Arrival: A Home Birth Story

Abbie and dadBy this morning, my bleeding is pretty minimal and I'm a lot less sore in general. I'm still kind of in shock that I managed to do it, and still can't believe that she flipped head down after all of that stress and drama. I guess I really do tend to hit the 1% statistics.

Emma is a stay-at-home mother/wife who would eventually like a large family. Prior to Abbie's conception, she and her husband had been trying to conceive their second child for 4½ years.

Her first birth, an induction at 43½ weeks was in a hospital setting. After this very traumatic birth experience, Emma looked into alternatives over the years of dealing infertility to figure out what kind of birth experience she wanted if she got a second chance at it.

Her pregnancy with Abbie was high risk -- a bleeding scare in her first trimester, multiple infections the second trimester and pre-term labor with hospital bed rest and breech presentation during the third. Most people told her to just suck it up and have a c-section. She chose to follow her instincts, and fight for what she felt was right, even if it went outside of what most people consider "normal" for today's child-bearing mothers.

Emma loves to do research, read; she is a writer and model, and does photography as family hobby. She also really enjoys video games, though finds she don't nearly have as much time to play them as she'd like.

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