Alesia & Kendall's Hypnobirth Story

We had our baby on September 8th. Events are as follows, pay attention because it went kinda fast.

12:15 am -- I wake up feeling pressure waves. Go to the bathroom and lay in bed for 20-30 minutes more to make sure they are not just feelings of having a big belly.

1:00 am -- I wake up Kendall and tell him I think we're going to the hospital tonight. Birthing waves continue 10-15 minutes apart. I get my stuff together so he can load the car and pack a few last minute things using my Hypnobabies techniques and no pain.

2:00 am -- Birthing waves are getting a little stronger so I pop in the Deepening CD while I'm finishing up stuff. I decide to take a shower let the water massage run on my belly and back as I am having pressure waves in the shower. I stay in for about 15-20 minutes, it felt great.

3:00 am -- I get dressed and the waves get stronger. Kendall loads the car. I was going to make brownies for the nurses like Kerry (our doula) said to, but my husband and I conclude that this might not be a good idea because the pressure waves are quickly getting stronger and closer together. Should have made those brownies earlier.

3:30-3:40 am -- We leave for the hospital. I ride all the way there with my Birth Guide CD in play. We check into emergency admissions. They give us the "They will check you upstairs to see if you are going to stay speech"! The nurses are a little taken aback by my calmness and the fact that I have on these pink mini headphones just chillin' in the wheelchair. So they repeat themselves, but Kendall and I both know. We ain't leaving! At least not until this kid comes out.

4:00 am -- We are in the LDR. I am wearing the pink mini headphones. Kendall does all the talking as the nurse continues to try to talk to me. I am not hearing her. Still no pain. He explains everything to her, dims the lights, sets up the room, gets my pillows., etc. I later find out from Kendall after the birth that she tells him she doesn't think this will work. She has never seen Hyno-birthing work and I will probably ask for some drugs later. She proceeds to check me and can't believe that I am 8 centimeters. She asks me again if I need any drugs. I wave my hand at her to say no. She smiles and leaves the room.

Now while I am listening to the Birth Guide CD I am also using the techniques from the "BACK LABOR NO MORE" book since my doctor informed my that the baby was posterior. I had no back pain and my baby was right where he was supposed to be. Kendall and I make a bet he won't be here until 6:00 am. Still no pain.

4:45 am -- I feel, I'm sorry, my body feels, this need to push. I tell him to get the nurse to check me, and try not to push but let my body do its thing, and listen to the CD. She checks me and I am at 9 centimeters with a rim. My doctor arrives. We quickly chat. She asks if I want her to break my water. I tell her no, it will happen eventually. She sets up her utensils and they leave the room. I am still feeling the need to push with each wave and my body is shaking. I start the exhale "AAAHHH" breathing. It just felt right.

5:10 am -- I tell Kendall that I feel an overwhelming need to push. I continue the exhale breathing (3 times) my water breaks and out comes the baby's head at the same time. He runs down to the end of the bed to help me.

5:12 am -- He delivers the baby, and screams for the doctor and nurse at the same time. By the time the nurse and doctor get there I push. The baby is out and Kendall is putting him on my chest asking them for a warm towel. He was running around at the end of the bed like the 3 Stoogies minus 2. He didn't know what to do, help me or help the baby, or leave the room and get the nurse. If I hadn't been pushing out the baby, I would have been laughing. He didn't even have time to turn the camera back on. (Sorry Kerry).

They hadn't even set up completely for the delivery. They were getting the rest of the equipment out while we were bonding with the baby.

It was the most fantastic experience. It just went by so fast and easy without discomfort. I felt wonderful afterwards and our baby was alert and perfect. I hope that all of you have as wonderful a birth as we did.

Happy Birthing,
Alesia & Kendall

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