Babies' Faces Jump Start Nurturing

When Nurturing Doesn't Come Naturally

Some parents seem like naturals when it comes to parenting. It's as if they were born knowing how to relate to a tiny human. Others don't feel that instant bond with their baby.

Not feeling happy when you look at a baby or not getting all mushy and soft inside doesn't mean that you won't be a loving and competent parent. It could mean you'll have to try a little harder to connect with your baby.

These tips can help you get acquainted and interacting with your new baby:

Have realistic expectations: The first weeks can be a roller coaster of emotions. A new baby comes with a lot of responsibilities, tons of things to learn, no instruction book and not much time.

Take time to get acquainted: Your baby's learning about the world and you're learning about your baby.

Learn how baby's communicate: At first baby body language looks like a batch of random motions and noises. As you spend time together you'll find the keys to understanding your small and mysterious babe.

See what's typical during your baby's first year.

Whether your brain lights up along with your baby's eyes or you have to work at developing that relationship, you've got the resources you need to cherish your baby and raise a happy, cooperative, responsible child.

Have you done your own experiments looking at babies to see if this study works for you? Tell us what you think!

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