Baby Blemishes

Your provider can recommend anti-yeast over-the-counter products like clotrimazole or miconazole, or a prescription called nystatin. It depends a little bit on how severe the situation is when you first see the infant, but usually within several days to a week or so of beginning treatment things have improved.

When can a skin condition be a sign of allergy?
If a baby gets hives, it is usually an allergic response to something, such as to a medication. If an infant or a child gets hives it may be caused by an allergy to certain foods. Also, eczema is a very common skin condition is often associated with allergies, although in most children it's not caused by an allergy. Children who have very severe eczema that doesn't seem to respond well to treatment may have a food allergy that may trigger or worsen the condition.

When should parents consider seeing a doctor?
If parents notice the appearance of something on the skin in the setting of a perfectly well child, the next time they see their provider for a well visit, they ought to just bring it to the provider's attention. Most of the time what you see on the skin turns out to be absolutely harmless and does not need any additional evaluation or treatment. Occasionally things can merit treatment, particularly if there seem to be some symptoms associated with it. For example, children with eczema are often itchy and the skin is unsightly.

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