Baby Food - Organic or Not

  • Homemade baby food is great option and less expensive than any other type of baby food -- jarred, frozen or refrigerated! If you think you're the only parent making your own baby food -- think again! A leading research firm estimates that as many as 62% of parents make all or some of their baby's food. You are definitely not alone. Making baby food offers an entire produce section full of variety, the freshest taste, smell and color and it takes only about 30 minutes per week.

    If you are new the concept, you may want to get the So Easy Baby Food Kit from Fresh Baby, this contains everything you need to learn the popular "ice-cube tray" method of making baby food.

  • Your baby deserves the best. So whether you buy it in jars, cold, frozen or opt to do-it-yourself, you don't want so skimp on food for your baby. It is just too important. Go for the organic!

    Cheryl Tallman and Joan Ahlers are sisters, the mothers of five children and founders of Fresh Baby. Creators of products that include the So Easy Baby Food Kit and Good Clean Fun Placemats; Fresh Baby offers parents convenient and practical support in raising healthy children. Visit them online at and subscribe to their Fresh Ideas newsletter to get monthly ideas, tips and activities for developing your family's healthy eating habits! Fresh Baby products are available at many fine specialty stores and national chains including Target, Wild Oats, and Whole Foods Markets.

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    Anything you feed your baby should definitely be organic, I would never accept my baby girl to eat anything else, she has plenty of time to eat junk food when she'll be a grownup, until then my main responsibility is to keep her away from it. She is only 4 months old and I couldn't be more happy about the many various baby formulas on the market!