The Getting Pregnant Crowd's Guide to Baby Making Over the Holidays

by Kazue Koyanagi

couple kissingMurphy's Law goes into full effect when it comes to baby making over the holidays. Ever notice how your "perfect" window to get pregnant presents itself at the most "inopportune" time during the holidays?

It can prove to be challenging convincing your husband or partner that "doing the deed" in his baby sister's bedroom isn't icky. How about explaining to your dad that the cries he heard coming from the bedroom last night weren't calls for help!?

Let's face it, baby making during the holidays requires more than the normal amount of clever creativity and timing!

Top Tips to Create "Together-Time"

Do your best to arrange private time. Stay home from shopping or make an excuse on how you had too much turkey and will meet up with everyone later at Grandma's. If you don't get any private time, it's going to be tougher to get horizontal.

Take care of yourself. Considering stress and lack of sleep kill libido, eating healthy snacks and getting enough sleep can help your libido increase! As long as you're already in bed, take advantage of the time together!

Create misdirection. You could be "visiting friends" in the area when you're really creating "heaven" at home or arranging to meet at a fun getaway spot for an afternoon or evening "break."

Take a a car that is. Go for a "drive" and have a naughty session on your own but don't get caught! Calling the in-laws to explain that you need to be bailed out for indecent exposure might give a too much fodder for the next family gossip session!

Is your "childhood" bed at your parents making more noise than you? Try moving your sexy time to the floor. Make your love nest with all the blankets and pillows. For added security, jam the door shut - for privacy of course.

Just do it. Take advantage of every opportunity you can without any excuses. Your family will understand and be grateful you did -- in about nine months! The whole point is that baby making should be fun and not a chore.

Combine these tips with our Top 10 Strategies for Getting Pregnant and you might have even more to celebrate this holiday season!

What's been your best tried and true tip? Share in the comments!

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