Baby Naming Blues

"THIS BABY we have agreed on a girl name already but if it's a boy world war III might occur at my house. I really don't like the name he wants and he seems to be standing firm!"~MrsRiggert

5. Resorted to naming at the hospital: While most members didn't completely circumvent their partner's wishes by going behind their back to fill out the birth certificate (or at least aren't admitting it), many did leave naming until after their baby's arrival:

"We made a list of names we both "could live with." But we didn't agree. In our state, they won't release a baby from the hospital without a name. I got mad, literally threw the pen at my husband and told him just to pick one! He must have felt bad, because he picked the one that was my favorite!"

"It gets harder with every baby! Our last wasn't named until a week after she was born....." ~boilermaker

Ultimately, this exciting, and at times, agonizing process will give your child a name for the blank spot at the pediatrician's office, school and on driver's license (eek!), college / job applications and marriage certificates (ack!). In time you won't be able to imagine your child by any other name!

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