Baby naming trends for 2013

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by Missy Jaramillo

Baby Naming TrendsAccording to U. S. name analysts, Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz baby naming trends in 2013 will be strong and powerful, drawing from names of ancient heroes, weather and popular culture.

Names whose popularity grew significantly between 2007 and 2008 may emerge as front-runners next year.

A study published in Topics of Cognitive Science indicated that U.S. parents gravitate toward baby names are rising in popularity, instead of those that are treading water or losing steam.

Will you soon be invited to Juno's christening or encouraging Phoebe to share nicely with Storm?

Let's take a look at what's expected in the year ahead.

5 baby naming trends for 2013

1. Ancient cultures

"Gladiator" and "Rome" may have kindled the trend, but it has been sparked into full flame by "The Hunger Games" and "Game of Thrones." Old-world gods and goddess-inspire​d names like August, Thorin, Maeve and Persephone may appear on the most popular list.

2. From across the pond

Leon has been a top name in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Ireland for a decade. It and other leonine names are crossing the ocean. You can expect to see names like Leo, Lev, Leonora and Lionel.

With a future king or queen on the way in Britain, royal names may soon catch everyone's attention. Will you be considering a name like Edward, William, Elizabeth, Charles or Victoria? Perhaps you prefer Maud, the modern form of Matilda, the first female rule of England.

Baby namers are beginning to appreciate the distinctive charms of the Scandinavian. Some, like Steilan and Liv, have been introduced by celebrities; others by star babies, such as Kai, Magnus and Axel. Appealing Scandinavian choices include Freya, Linnea, Signy, Astrid, Soren, Leif, and Lars.

3. Superstorm Sandy

After hearing "Sandy" repeatedly, the use of "S" names is statistically more likely in the coming year. “K” names gained popularity following Hurricane Katrina. Analysts expect a rise in names that sound like Sandy, such as Alessandra, Cassandra and Sander, along with people simply naming their child Storm.

Climate might also bear influence. Crisp names Winter, March and January seem particularly trending.

4. Pop and popular culture

Celebrity names like Lindsay, Paris and Jessica have lost popularity over the past five years. What celebrity names will charm us in 2013? We anticipate that names like Jonah, Blake, Miley and Anthony will replace them. You may see a surge of Primroses, Rues and other flora-inspired names such as those common in "The Hobbit" and "The Hunger Games."

2012 Olympics stars will motivate future champions and chances are that they’ll inspire parents searching baby names. A Natalie, Evan, Hope, Ashton, Candace, Abby, Serena, Sanya or Gabby you meet may have been named after an Olympian who capture hearts.

Thanks to "Mad Men," Satran and Rosenkrantz predict an increase in "grandma and grandpa" type retro names. We may see a new generation of kids with names like Hank, Hal, Ray, Fay, Millie, Monty and Lou.

5. The economy

Women's hemlines aren't the only things that change with the stock market. Baby names are also influenced by economics. Baby-naming gurus have observed that during downturns, parents turn to the classic and straightforward.

Names like Jacob, Owen, Ryder, Shane, Aubrey, Heidi and Lola evoke the ruggedness and determination of previous generations. You may see more parents choosing this style of name for their newborns.

Do any of the names you're considering fall under these hot baby-name trends for 2013?

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