Baby Shower FAQ's

by Staff

Who should plan the baby shower?
It use to be considered very improper for a member of the mother-to-be's family to host a baby shower. But, now it is much more acceptable for a close friend or any family member to have fun planning.

How many people should you invite?
The key to this is keeping the atmosphere light and intimate. The guests will want to spend time with the mother to be so keep the list down to ensure everyone has that opportunity.

Should you invite friends with recent loss or trouble trying to conceive?
Send an invitation out to these friends and let them decide for them selves if they can handle the situation. Do not "not" invite them as that could cause unwanted hurt. If the friend feels she cannot come, she will let you know.

When should you have the shower?
Many chose to have the shower between 6 weeks and 2 months before baby is due. If you have it closer than the 6 weeks there is always the chance of early delivery. You could also have the shower after the baby is born.

What should the invitations look like, what information should be in them and when should they be sent?
Most invitations have a baby theme, or you could pick invitations to match the theme of the babies room. The following information should be included in the invitation:

  • Mother to be's name
  • Date and time of the shower
  • hostess' name and phone number
  • address of shower
  • map of shower location (optional)
  • RSVP date and phone number
  • shower theme
  • sex of baby (if known)

Invitations should be sent out 4-6 weeks prior to the shower. This will give the out of town guest's time to RSVP.

How long should the shower last?
The shower will likely wind down within 2 hours, but there is always the option of extending if the mother to be feels up to it.

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