Baby Shower Gift Ideas

by Jodie Lynn

Here is a dilemma: I have four friends who are pregnant. What are some unusual and popular baby shower gifts? I'd like to get something new and different if possible.

Here are a few helpful tips from moms and dads all over the US:

• From Pam Goldberg in Chesterfield, MO: Try a subscription to a parenting magazine. It makes a great gift. I buy the latest issue and wrap it up and write in the card that they will be receiving this for a year. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! It’s also something most new or first time parents sometimes forget.

• From Bette Saulino in Sequim, WA: I write a $25.00 check and place it inside the card. I designate it for the baby's education and offer the suggestion that the parents open up a saving account in the baby's name. By the age of eighteen, it will have earned enough interest to possibly help in beginning their college adventure. The best part is that for birthdays and other gift giving opportunities, family and friends can add to the account and it will grow. As a widowed mother, this plan assured my daughter a college education.

• From Jodi Marvin in Oswego, NY: I created a Childcare Journal Gift Pak. It includes a one-year childcare journal to track the well being of children while at childcare, a daycare tote to carry the journal and a matching slipcover to preserve the journal as a keepsake when it is filled up. This is a great gift for the moms-and-dads-to-be that must return to work after maternity leave.

• From Tim Smith in San Francisco, CA: Oneshare allows adults to purchase one share of a named stock for the baby, child or person. They even offer the certificate in a frame of various choices to hang on the wall. The stock is hand picked by experts in that field.

• From Charlotte Fowkes in Arvada, CO: A Baby Diaper Cake is a great idea for a baby shower gift. It can double as the table centerpiece if you are the one giving the shower. It is made from disposable diapers and covered with useful baby items, like receiving blankets, hooded towels, baby clothing, etc., and a bottle at the top.

• From Darcy Volden Miller in Austin, TX: I am the founder of a site that offers tons of great ideas for baby shower gifts and even gifts for mom. We have reasonable prices and give away prizes around the clock. We have been featured on The Rosie Show and Oprah, and featured in Parenting Magazine in April, 2002. Please come to my site, which I share with 60 other moms. See the website for awesome choices.

• From Jodie: Another unique idea came in the form of a present given to a mom of a new baby with three other kids: a paid for one year housecleaning gift certificate. This is a great idea for a useful and helpful gift a new mom could receive that would be a welcome surprise. If a group of friends or relatives would all contribute to this endeavor, it would probably only cost each individual what they would have spent anyway. Even if it could only be arranged every other week for 6 months, it would be worth its weight in gold and very much appreciated.

Jodie Lynn is a nationally syndicated family/parenting columnist, author and parent educator. Her column, Parent to Parent, is available in over 350 newspapers throughout the United States and Canada. Her latest book, "Mommy-CEO (Constantly Evaluating Others) 5 Golden Rules," (Revised Edition) 2001, is available.

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One of my still favorite gifts received was a series of similar "onesies" from newborn thru 1 year. This gift just continued to give.