Your eleven-month-old baby

• He feeds himself much more proficiently.
• He can leverage things out of tight spots
• He can put things in small holes
• He can vacuum up bits of string and small crumbs with the speed of a cheetah

He can build his own tower of two to three blocks and then knock them down. However, he still likes you to stack and him to demolish! His coordination has improved and he now can put simple shapes in the right holes of a shape sorter.

Note: These milestones may first appear this month. It's normal for them to happen later. Worried your little one isn't developing normally? Check out these developmental red flags.

The big picture

By now you've probably discovered your baby's temperament. Although official names exist, moms usually prefer to use terms like "slow-to-warm-up," "adaptable" and "feisty" to describe their little ones. Work with your baby and respect his unique personality. Let him take the lead; then support his growth, confidence and abilities.

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