Your baby's development: The first year of life milestones

by Julie Snyder

Your newborn's life is an exciting period of "firsts" -- first smile, first laugh, first successful grasp, first word and first steps. From a tiny, snuggly newborn to a totally animated, toddling ball of energy, your baby is bound to surprise and delight you every step of the way. Take a look at all that your incredible wee one will accomplish in just twelve months!

Your baby's development month-by-month

Most little ones develop skills in a predictable order -- from head to toe (and hand) or early cries, babbling, single words and ultimately complex sentences.

Most babies follow the same master plan, but each little one has a very individualized time line. Each milestone has a normal range, but we've listed them under the first month usually seen. You can jump to any month just by clicking on one of the pictures below.

If your baby hasn't reached it yet, give a couple months. Your preemie will generally reach milestones closer to the adjusted age and sometimes later. Still worried? Check out these developmental red flags.

Categories of infant development:

Social: Relating to self and others -- smiling and cooing.

Language: Communication -- speech, gesturing, sign language and writing are a few.

Cognitive: Mental and intellectual growth of the child -- learning, memory, reasoning and problem solving.

Large motor development: Milestones such as sitting, crawling, walking, running and jumping are examples of large motor development.

Small motor development: Eye-hand coordination, reaching or grasping, and manipulating objects. Your twelve-month-oldYour eleven-month-oldYour ten-month-oldYour nine-month-oldYour eight-month-oldYour seven-month-oldYour six-month-oldYour five-month-oldYour four-month-oldYour three-month-oldYour two-month-oldYour one-month-old

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