Bake the baby longer -- bedrest activities that aren't boring

by Missy Jaramillo

Bedrest activitiesBeing on bedrest may feel like you've been given an endless sentence to boredom! A woman can only read so many books, cruise so many websites and watch so much TV.

We're going to help you make the most of your down time with activities help time fly by...okay, move faster than a crawl.

Before you plan out what you want to do while on bedrest, find out what you can or can't do. Make a list of questions to ask your healthcare provider. Then map out your bedrest activities based on those answers. You might ask:

✓ How long will I be on bedrest?
✓ Can I do light chores?
✓ Do I have bathroom privileges?
✓ Can I sit up to watch TV, read a book or eat my meals?

Now that you've got your road map and driving instructions, fit it to our list of activities.

Bedrest boredom busters

✓ Take care of your holiday/birthday cards
✓ Organize a photo album
✓ Catch up reading your favorite author's books
✓ Read up on everything baby -- breastfeeding, immunizations, foods to help you get back in shape, postpartum depression...
✓ Plan a party or every party you'll give for the next year; you'll just have to shop and do when the time comes
✓ "Host" a family game night and play your favorite board and card games
✓ Make your baby a quilt
✓ Scope out baby activities in your area
✓ Clean out your closet -- with your partner's help. You boss; partner cleans
✓ Load a nintendo DS with mini games like cooking mama, cake mania, diner dash, trauma center, brain age and tetris
✓ Start a business
✓ Organized your address books
✓ Get out the fine tip markers and enjoy an adult coloring book
✓ Organize your birthday lists
✓ Put together a 1000 or 5000 piece puzzle
✓ Listening to books read by talented readers such as those on
✓ Skype with a friend
✓ Design baby announcements and decorations
✓ Research your next vacation destination
✓ Try out a new video game
✓ Search for new quick and easy recipes
✓ Make menus and shopping lists for after baby comes
✓ Play games on your laptop
✓ Crafts, crocheting, knitting, sewing, cross-stitch
✓ Make cute little things to hang on the nursery walls
✓ Ask your doctor for a list of exercises you can do
✓ Put together scrapbooking layouts for baby's first year
✓ Invite friends over for a visit
✓ Get Netfilx and watch that program you always wanted to but never had time

If you've exhausted all other entertainment, try the button on The Useless Web. It may take you to a world you've never seen or dreamed of.

Are you on bedrest? How will you keep busy and sane while baking the baby longer?

Photo courtesy of iStockphoto.