Baptism and Christening Party Ideas

You are very likely to have lots of family and friends in town for your child's Baptism and Christening. You would not want them to leave without a fun filled celebration of the special occasion! Just remember that the party is following a rather formal religious ceremony and should be planned appropriately.


Since the Christening or Baptism party usually comes immediately after the church service, you want to select a venue for the party that is relatively close to the church. Depending on the guest list, it may make sense to have a party at your house or at a neighborhood park. Keep in mind that if other children are coming, you want to make sure they are entertained.

Food and Refreshments

A morning christening can be followed by a buffet lunch, or an early afternoon christening can be followed by afternoon tea. You should have drinks available to toast the baby's health. (The Godfather gets the first toast!) If you are hosting the party at your house, a simple buffet spread or low maintenance food should suffice. If the event is held in warm weather, a backyard barbecue can be a great alternative. Cake at a baptism and christening should be ideally a white cake, with white frosting, bearing the baby's initials, name and christening date.

Entertainment Ideas

More than likely, there will be other kids at your child's Baptism or Christening party. The easy way out is to set up a TV and play a children video in another room. A better idea is to plan some games to occupy them.

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