Belly "Boo" Costumes

by Staff

two fish in a tummy?Maternity Halloween costumes -- that bump opens a world of opportunity. Not only can a costume show your pride in your beautiful body, it can be an amusing way for you (and your partner) to share the excitement of your pregnancy with family and friends.

Haven't shared the news yet? What better way to offer a "big" surprise announcement for those you may not see as frequently?

From whimsical to historical re-enactment your imagination (and budget) is the only "confinement." Get started creating an unmatchable costume!

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Include Your Bump

This is the year that you want to accentuate that belly by making it an actual part of the costume. Scoff at those dressing in the skimpy barmaid outfits! You've got something that PROVES you're sexy (okay, at least it proves you've had sex)!

humpty-dumpty maternity costumeHumpty Dumpty: Would you like to use the belly to its fullest extent but also looking for a kiddo theme and easy to make? Humpty Dumpty does it all!

  • Building the Wall
    • Reinforce the corners of a cardboard box with some extra cardboard so it keeps its shape.
    • Make the Wall: Paint the boxes like brick walls and cut out all but the four sides.
    • Attach a string to the front and back of the boxes and we used that to drape them over our shoulders.
  • Make the Body
    • Sew two 15-inch tubes from old fabric about long to use as legs
    • Stuff with hand towels
    • Pin to the inside of a pair of baby shoes or socks
    • Attach the legs to the inside of the boxes so that they looked as they were hanging over the wall.
  • Design the Face: Paint the egg and face onto your belly with my belly button as the nose. Depending on belly size and your ability at mirror image painting, you may want to enlist the help of a friend.

Santa Claus: "His belly shook when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly." Don a Santa costume. No need to pad the belly this year! Perhaps your partner would agree to be Mrs. Claus. Kids could dress as elves.

Construction Worker Outfit: Wear a tool belt filled with bottles, diapers, wipes, medicine droppers, and don't forget the hard hat!

Black Widow: Wear all black and paint a red circle on your shirt. Make some legs and hang them with string from your arms. 

Sumo Wrestler: Using a cream colored shirt and pants, add a belt, a felt diaper, and a bit of fabric paint. Your big belly will make the costume.

Short Person: Use poster board to make a hat (or use a clothes basket). Button a man's jacket around your hips. Either paint the bump as a face or sew a 3-D onto a shirt and you've got a costume sure to be a hit!


The bump makes a wonderful 3-D canvas for sunflowers! It doesn't need to be only a costume either. You can wear it just for fun.