Best Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed

by Caitlyn Stace

Mother's Day BreakfastEven if you and the kids haven't had a lot of experience in the kitchen, you can create a beautiful and tasty breakfast for mom on Mother's Day.

First we need to know a little about your kitchen skills. Which of these statements best describes you?

• "I can open the refrigerator and cupboards, but I'm not allowed to use the stove, toaster or sharp knives." We suggest you try out the easy breakfast menu for mom.

• "I can even reach the freezer and I know how to microwave, toast and slice stuff up." Great! You're ready to put together a tasty, but simple meal.

• "I can go gourmet!" Are you up for our challenging menu?

Before we get going on what to put on the breakfast tray, let's take a look making that tray beautiful. Here's what you'll need to prepare ahead of time.

  • A placemat
  • The plate and cup or glass
  • Napkin and silverware
  • A homemade card
  • A flower or a bouquet

Now that you've rounded up or made the props you'll need for the best breakfast in bed, let's take a look at what you'll put on the plate.

Mini Muffins, Yogurt and Berries

Here's an easy and tasty breakfast menu for mom.

What you'll need:
✔ A salad plate, a tiny plate and a small bowl
✔ Fresh strawberries
✔ Mini muffins
✔ Butter
✔ Cream Cheese
✔ Jam
✔ Yogurt
✔ Granola

What you'll do:
Wash your hands and get ready! First pick six beautiful, red strawberries from the container. Rinse those gently and set on a paper towel to dry.

Now choose three mini muffins in mom's favorite flavor. Place those on a plate and set on the tray. Get out a tiny plate (you'll put toppings for the muffin on this). Arrange a pat of butter, a dab of cream cheese and a spoon full of jam on the tiny plate. Put the tiny plate on the tray.

Fill a small bowl about two-thirds full of yogurt. Sprinkle a little granola on the top. Put the yogurt on the tray. Arrange the strawberries beside the mini muffins.

Can you carry coffee or juice without spilling? If so, take it to the table. Let mom know you've made her a special treat and wish her a happy Mother's Day.

Waffles, Bacon with a Fruit Cup

Make mom waffles and bacon with a little help from the toaster and microwave. She'll love it!

What you'll need:
✔ Plate and a small bowl
✔ Small container for syrup
✔ Toaster waffles
✔ Heat-n-serve bacon or link sausage
✔ Melon, blueberries, pineapple, kiwi or other fruit
✔ Coffee, tea, milk or juice

What you'll do:
Pour a little syrup into a small serving container. Find a spot for it on mom's breakfast tray.

Choose the fruits you think she'd like. Wash and cut the fruit into large pieces and then cut into 1-inch cubes. Put these in the bowl and set it on the tray. Right before you take mom her breakfast you can add a spoonful of yogurt or whipped cream.

Take a package of waffles out of the freezer. Put two squares in the toaster. While they warm up, put two or three pieces of bacon on a paper towel and warm up in the microwave. The package will tell you how long it takes.

Arrange the toasted waffles and the bacon on mom's plate. Place two pats of butter near the edge of the plate. Add this masterpiece to the tray.

Add something to drink and serve it up to mom as soon as she's awake.

Baked Eggs, Scones and Fruit Cup

Let's put those kitchen skills to work and whip up a breakfast mom will savor.