Best sexual positions for baby-making

Those wishing for a boy may find it best to settle on "doggy style" position. This allows the penetration to be deeper, shortening the distance the sperm carrying the Y-chromosome must travel. According to what is known as the Shettles™ method, the optimal time to conceive a male child is close to ovulation -- generally by having sexual intercourse within the window 24 hours prior to ovulation to 12 hours after. Male sperm also supposedly prefer a more alkaline environment for swimming so ladies, avoid dairy and up the sodium intake. Men, drinking caffeine before sex (NOT alcohol!) can boost the speed of your Y’s!

Dreaming of a girl? Opt for a position with shallow penetration, such as spooning. A greater window of opportunity allows the slower, but much more resilient "female sperm" to take their time in reaching their destination. These sperm typically survive three to five days, and in some (rare) cases up to seven! Female (X-chromosome) sperm tend to prefer a more acidic environment. Increasing dairy products and sweets (don't forget those more natural, healthy sources such as fruits) may provide an additional aid.

How important is orgasm?

What about the O-factor? For the male's role, achieving orgasm certainly aids in distributing sperm to its intended destination. Don't forget though that female orgasm can be as equally important, particularly after the man has climaxed! The reasoning? Achieving female orgasm can improve the environment for the sperm to swim and survive. The resulting contractions help draw the sperm up and into the cervix -- ready to meet that egg and "make" a baby!

The most important dynamic is to relax and enjoy being intimate with your partner. While certainly increasing your personal knowledge and understanding of your fertility is important, you will likely find that leaving that outside the bedroom will allow you both to focus on your love and desire to pleasure one another versus feeling as if being intimate is now yet another chore on your to-do list.

For those that have been trying for a year or more, it could be time to seek out medical advice regarding their own and/or their partner's fertility.

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Which positions are your favorite?

What great, helpful information. Lots of great methods to apply and have fun with at the same time.

I've been searching on what sex position which I can conceived either a boy or a girl. I realized that I've tried the positions but never knew that there is something with it.