Birthday Party Ideas and Games

Elmo Party

Elmo is the popular red muppet from Sesame Street who is the talk of the town for children. If your child loves Elmo (or any other character for that matter e.g. Batman, Pokemon, Barbie . . .etc.) a great idea would be to create a party around Elmo. You may want to hire an Elmo entertainer - someone who dresses up and talks like Elmo. Elmo can lead the kids in singing songs and playing games. You can have Elmo prizes and grab bags as well. Remember to dress your child in red for Elmo!

Arts & Crafts Party

Moms who like scrapbooking will relate to this party! An arts and crafts theme party will draw out the creative juices in your child. All you need are some crayons, glue sticks, colored construction paper, wood sticks, vellum paper, scissors, lots of space and some willing helpers. The children can make their own paintings or create toy models. Glitter, scrap cloth and other fabric would be a good addition too.

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