Birthing Begins In The Brain

In contrast, your awareness and thoughts originate in the neocortex, the most developed part of the brain. Your inhibitions grow within this area. Any stimulation of your neocortex during birth, such as exposure to bright lights, loud noises, emotional upsets, or even talking, will stimulate the release of adrenaline, which will inhibit the birthing process by shutting down the intuitive "birthing brain."

Denise Spatafora, author of Better Birth, The Ultimate Guide to Childbirth from Home Births to Hospitals, is the creator of Bornclear, a nationally recognized birthing method backed by renowned doctors, midwives and celebrities. Better Birth was inspired by Spatafora's own profound birthing experience with her two children and the work she has been doing with others in her consulting firm. As a coach to ceos, entrepreneurs, world leaders, non-profits, celebrities and scores of women and couples, Denise is a master of unlocking fearlessness, creativity, success and accountability in all kinds of people leaving them with the power and clarity to thrive and self correct.

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