Body Pillows: More Than Just Comfort

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Body Pillows Provide Health Benefits

If you're like most moms-to-be, you've already gotten plenty of suggestions from friends and family about products to improve your quality of life during pregnancy. And we're guessing that one of those suggestions has been to invest in a body pillow. Take it from us: that's very good advice.

Why? Because a quality body pillow can make the months ahead more comfortable for you – and healthier for your baby, too. That's because most experts recommend that you sleep on your side during pregnancy, to relieve pressure on your hips and pelvis, while improving blood circulation for you and your baby. But that can be easier said than done, especially if you're not a "natural" side sleeper. A body pillow can help, delivering all-night support for these areas, promoting proper spinal alignment and helping you get the rest you need.

But not all body pillows are created equal. Today there are more options than ever, and the choices can be confusing. Do you want the proven support of memory foam…or the down-like softness of fiberfill?

The sleep specialists at Sleep Innovations have come up with a unique solution that combines the best of both.

Body PillowThe Embrace Body Pillow features a center core of premium memory foam, completely wrapped in the plush softness of fiberfill. That means it's supportive where it needs to be, and soft where you want it to be. The breathable construction helps to maintain an ideal sleep temperature, so you'll never get too hot or too cold. Best of all, it conforms to your body's shape, gently supporting you from head to toe. You can even fold it and scrunch it into any shape you like, for extra comfort while reading, watching TV, or – after the baby arrives – nursing.

"I wish I had known about the Embrace pillow when I was pregnant with my first," says Amy Stephenson, a mom and blogger who's expecting her second child. "I had so much trouble getting a good night's sleep – back pain and hip pain kept me awake for hours. With Embrace, I can sleep the whole night through. With the multiple layers of softness and support, I can shape it any way I want, and still get all the support I need. It's never too firm, never too soft. It makes it comfortable for me to sleep on my side, the way my doctor recommends. And I wake up feeling rested and refreshed, with lots more energy. That's better for me, better for my little girl – and better for her little brother on the way."

The Embrace Body Pillow is made in the USA by Sleep Innovations, a company with decades of experience in developing and manufacturing innovative sleep and comfort products. It's available at online retailers and at fine stores nationwide.

"Trust me," Amy says, "get the Embrace pillow. There's nothing else like it!"

We agree – this is one suggestion worth taking.

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