Bonding with Your Baby in Utero

Reassure him that his life isn't about to end. Some men can resent the baby out of fear that it’s going to cause a catastrophic change in their life. Talk about the changes ahead and the adjustments that you need to make but let him know he'll still be able to do whatever it is he loves and wants to do -- maybe just not as often!

Watch Being Dad. Many men need to be "given permission" to feel like it's okay to be emotionally involved with their baby in utero or soon after birth. Listening to other men talk about their experiences and how wonderful being a dad can be is a liberating experience for many guys.

Give the baby a nickname and encourage him to talk to him/her. Not only can it be fun but it's a constant reminder there is a real person in there and having spoken with them for 6 months when they finally meet, I'm certain it’s going to be special.

As silly as it sounds men need women to help them bond with their babies. It's not something we've been taught how to do and many guys don't understand the importance of it. If you can help him bond better and faster there will be plenty of benefits for both you and the baby.

About the authors: Troy Jones: Troy's company produced the Being Dad series and he has traveled the globe interviewing hundreds of new dads and experts. As a result we like to think of him as a "well renowned global guru in all things Being Dad;" sounds impressive anyway. Troy has a beautiful daughter Matilda, who appears in the Being Dad series.

Sam Holt: Best known for coming up with a new idea every five minutes it's little wonder that Being Dad was, in fact, his idea. Fortunately, Being Dad was one of Sam's better ideas and with the help of Troy and Tom it has grown way beyond all of their expectations. Sam has a son, Hugo, who is too cute to be his.

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Excellent article parents should take as much time as possible each day to bond with their baby, you would be surprised how much the little things help.

I agree with mommy072009... My husband talks to our son everyday, when he gets home he takes a shower and I sit down on the couch and he kneels down in front of me and talks to him and rubs on my belly. We read to him all the time.

We have 2 little girls and read to them every night before bed, Christian is already included in that too. He loves his Daddy so much already! He moves and kicks around too lol. It really is amazing and I love my husband so much for being the father he is.

I think that new dads should take at least 10 to 15 minutes a day just to talk to the baby in the womb or even read a story to the baby. When my boyfriend talks to our son in the womb he just kicks and moves all around. I am glad that he wants to take that time to talk to the baby even if he can't physically see the baby!!!