Born into Water

by jooniper

Thanksgiving Day Surprise

feeling pregnant tummy4:10 p.m. or so on Thanksgiving (I was 37 weeks to the day), I was goofing around on the computer and postponing a trip to the bathroom. When I just couldn't stall any more, I stood up, felt a small pop and a small gush. I figured it was cervical mucus until I got to the bathroom and realized my undies were soaked and even some of my pants were too.

I called to Kenny to let him know I thought my water had broken but wasn't sure (two of my friend had suspected their waters had broken only to discover they had peed themselves instead). Kenny got a little panicky and asked what to do. I decided to go lay down a while and see if a broken water became more apparent, and it did! When I stood up there was another gush. So I put on the depends diapers (ugh) and called the midwife. She told me to rest now and call her when contractions started. I figured we had a couple hours, since with Daniel's labor, they broke my water and two hours later I had real contractions.

Gathering the Team

We called the family members, I contacted Cristin and Marissa (my "birthteam"). We had our thanksgiving "feast" of ham steak and Hawaiian sweet roll and then Kenny went to work about setting up the birth tub in the kitchen. He didn't realize there was a liner, so he started filling it with water then we had to drain it out and redo it with the liner. It's a bit frustrating for both of us, but also kind of comical.

We figured contractions would begin at any moment. I was so surprised that they took so long to come. Cristin, my "semi-doula" came over around 8. We watched Business of Being Born while she rubbed my feet with coconut oil. It was heavenly but still no contractions.

Contractions Start

She gave me some homeopathy stuff to get contractions going, then I sent her home so I could nap a bit. I went to sleep around 11 p.m. and woke up at 12:30 just enough to note a rougher contraction. Then I dozed until 1 a.m. when I couldn't sleep through them anymore. I came out to the living room to count contractions and found kenny asleep on the couch. I remember sitting on the floor next to my sleeping husband as contractions started to get more intense and petting the dog. It was very peaceful.

I spent as many contractions as possible on my hands and knees in the hope that the baby would find a good position. My first labor, the baby had been posterior and I wanted to avoid that this time. It seems to have worked.

Around 2 a.m. I was having enough contractions to call the midwife and birthteam over, so I did. They got there, listened to the baby's heart, checked my blood pressure, and I started needing to lean on the couch while kneeling to get through contractions.

Into the Birth Tub

kneeling in the birth tubThings picked up quicky so I got into the birth tub, resume my kneeling position and leaned on the edge of the tub. It felt wonderful. The water had miraculously stayed warm in the 8 or so hours since it had been filled. I quickly

Cristin rubbed my shoulders during contractions, that seemed the most helpful thing she could do for me. Kenny helped out too, though his was a less active role (as I expected it would be).

I experimented with making noises through the contractions, mostly settling on "lalalalala oooooooooooo lalalalala" (my French language background coming through, I guess). I never felt out of control and was chatting in between contractions right up until the end.

Around 4 a.m. I started feeling nauseous. This was unexpected. I never throw up and never felt that way with my first labor. I didn't end up throwing up, but this was a sign to me that I was in transition and the baby would come soon. Within a few minutes I thought I felt the need to push, and told the midwife so. She responded simply "then push, you don't need MY permission!"