Breastfeeding: A Vital Emergency Response

  • Breast milk is a free, renewable resource that does not damage our planet.
    • It's a natural, renewable resource and is all the baby needs for the first six months of life.
    • It requires no resources for packaging, shipping or disposal.
    • No precious energy is wasted producing artificial baby milk and related products.
    • No land needs to be deforested for pasture or crop production.
    • It does not create pollution from the manufacturing of human milk substitutes, bottles, nipples and cans.
    • It helps space babies by suppressing fertility in the mother.
  • Show Your Support!

    One of the most important ways to support breastfeeding during a crisis situation is to reinforce the important role it plays during an emergency. Step up and get involved! Take advantage of the flyers and promotional material available from and LaLeche League International. Participate in events in your area and/or online -- including those here at! Raise awareness by joining forces with millions of others from around the world. You may just ignite a spark that will serve for generations to come.'s World Breastfeeding Week Resources

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