Breastfeeding the Premature Baby

8. Myth -- Premature babies need to continue getting fortifiers once they leave hospital...
This is a relative new wrinkle in the undermining of breastfeeding the premature baby. Perhaps someone presented a paper at a conference that showed the baby gained better if the fortifiers were continued even after his discharge from hospital. But, again, more is not necessarily better and breastfeeding is more important than more weight gain, which is not necessarily good. See the information on fortifiers above.

Premature babies and their mothers run into breastfeeding problems much more frequently than do babies born at term. But these can be fixed. Get good hands on help as soon as possible. See also the following information sheets:

When Latching
Protocol To Manage Breastmilk Intake
Sore Nipples
Candida Protocol
Lactation Aid
The Baby Who Does Not Yet Latch On

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