Breastfeeding Protects Toddlers Teeth from Cavities

• Work with your midwife or doctor to improve your dental health during pregnancy. Eat foods that promote your baby's tooth growth.
• Breastfeed your baby for at least a year, as the AAP recommends.
• Schedule your baby's first dentist visit about six months after that first tooth appears.
• Limit how often your toddler eats foods that contain sugar.
• Establish sleep routines so your baby can get to sleep on their own.
• Encourage brushing. Offer sips of water to rinse off the teeth after your toddler eats.
• If your baby's teeth appear susceptible to decay, bring out the big guns -- limit sugary food, cut back on nighttime feedings, brush daily and load up on foods rich in vitamin D.

How are your breastfeeding baby's teeth? Have you taken special precautions to help prevent cavities?