Building a Better Bra

by Ann Douglas

Bra BiomechanicsYour pregnancy is definitely not the time to skimp on a well-made, high-quality maternity or nursing bra.

You deserve to look and feel your best during every stage of pregnancy and motherhood. If you don't have the "proper equipment," you can damage the ligaments that support your breasts if the bra you're sporting isn't up to the job. With your breasts gaining up to an extra pound each during pregnancy, it's time to tuck your regular bra away for the next 9 1/2 months or so.

It's particularly important to purchase a well-designed sports bra before you hit the gym.

Researchers from the Department of Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom1 recently discovered that breasts are capable of moving up to 21 cm in any direction during exercise -- and yet the typical bra is only designed to provide vertical support. The breast biomechanics design team decided to do the only reasonable thing under the circumstances: build a better bra.

We're looking forward to the breast biomechanics better bra.

Ladies, which sports bras out there do the job for you?

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I seriously hate bra shopping. I have big ones, but very small ribs and no one ever sells my size! I seriously wish I could sew well enough to make my own. I can only ever chose old lady looking ones. I really despise going shopping for a new one, which I have to do very often as the girls are so heavy, the elastic wears out quickly. ...... don't even get me started.