Building Baby's Brain: Parenting from Conception through Infancy

In the past we knew that stimulation was good. But what kind is best, how much, and by whom? Does a mother's tone of voice make a difference, and what kind of music should a child be exposed to in the womb? When and how can parents sculpt the growing brain for something as seemingly elusive as basic goodness? When is it too late? Where do depression and violence start, and can parents extinguish the predispositions to these traits before they become self-fulfilling for life?

Until recently, we could answer these kinds of fundamental questions about infancy and early childhood development only intuitively. Today, parents can follow a road map based on definitive studies illuminating the complex web of influences essential for building a brain.

In Tomorrow's Baby, Dr. Thomas Verny reveals the truths about prenatal and early childhood development gleaned from cutting-edge science, while exposing the inadequacies of old ideas. As we now know, we can no longer separate the mind from the body, or nature from nurture. Even more important, Dr. Verny outlines how our new knowledge will change the way we parent and teach the young. He offers scientifically sound recommendations for optimizing an infant's potential in the areas of language, intelligence, and social skills, and for raising bright, healthy, and loving children.

Excerpted from Tomorrow's Baby: The Art and Science of Parenting from Conception through Infancy

Thomas R. Verny, M.D., D. Psych., FRCPC is the author of six books, including Tomorrow's Baby and thirty-five papers and articles. In 1998, he collaborated with Sandra Collier to create Love Chords, a compilation of classical music for pregnancy published by The Children's Group of Pickering, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Verny has lectured and given workshops on prenatal and perinatal psychology throughout the world. He has also discussed his research on many major radio and television programs, as well as in newspaper and magazine interviews. He lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife.

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