Celebrate Earth Day with a Grub Party

by Ann Douglas

Grub DayHere's a fun way to celebrate Earth Day and teach your kids how to be kind to Mother Nature. Spend the day outdoors getting "grubby" exploring the spring-fresh earth -- and then top the day off with a "Grub Party."

Now, don't worry or get alarmed! A "Grub Party" doesn't mean you'll be eating grubs or any other type of insects.

I'm talking "grub" as in "good grub" and, in this case, the emphasis is on serving meals that are healthy, made from locally grown and produced foods, and, to the extent that is possible at this time of year, in season.

Grub parties are a natural "no-brainer" way for families looking for a way to help their kids make the connection between the food that grows in the ground and the food shows up on the kitchen table. For kids who have grown up in the "Land of Drive-Thru," it can be quite a revelation.

If the kids are a little "grubby" as a result of their Earth Day explorations, all the better. After all, can you think of anything better to wear to a Grub Party than a set of slightly grubby rosy cheeks and hands?

Do you have your own garden? Do you go to a community garden? Kids love to get their hands in the dirt -- do you let them?

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