Out-of-the-box Ways to Celebrate Parent's Day!

by Pregnancy.org Staff

parents watching as kids exploreOnce a year on the fourth Sunday in July, we honor those unsung heroes -- parents. Where do we find them? Battling dirty diapers, fixing precious "boo-boo's" and shooing monsters out from under the bed!

Pregnancy.org's here to help! We urge you to create a day of celebration even if it means capturing just one treasured moment for you and your child. The laundry pile calling your name will still be there tomorrow.

Not sure how to celebrate? These innovative ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Make it an "upside-down day" with dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. Serve all your favorites, of course!

2. Pack a picnic! Go to the park, your backyard, or even your living room! Make it as casual or as fancy as you like!

3. Take a drive with your family. Head to your favorite destination or just hit the road and explore. One of our fondest memories is choosing a random turn and seeing where the road took us. We uncovered hidden gems along the way. Tip: Don't forget to check how much gas you have! Parenting tip #101? Tuck snacks away for emergencies. You might need that bite of chocolate before you get home!

4. Indulge in a frozen concoction together to help beat the July heat. You can host a "make-your-own sundae treat" with homemade ice cream / frozen yogurt or enjoy a delightful smoothie mix. Virgin pi&ntild;a coladas or icy non-alcoholic daiquiris are a hit in our house. If you're not pregnant, you can always add a nip to your glass.

5. Make a family puzzle. Print out a favorite family picture and paste it onto a piece of cardboard. Next, cut the picture into various puzzle shapes that you can put back together. Here's another fun twist -- do the same with individual family members' pics. Younger members could have fewer pieces cut while older ones like mom or dad get the most! Race to put yourself back together!

6. Tune-out and tune-in to family! For this one day, try turning off the electronic devices (TV, computer, and yes even, *gasp*, your smart-phone). Without the "noise," rediscover one another by talking and listening. Share your childhood favorites with your kids (note: hopscotch is harder than when you were ten). Discover the kids' favorites and join in!

7. Create a family scrapbook. Allow each member to make their own page focused on a treasured memory. If your little ones are too young to participate, go ahead and make their pages for them. In the years to come, you both can add to it.

8. Delve into your family tree. Help your kiddos interview grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even old family friends to discover more about your family's history. Create a picture, painting, collage or have them write a story about what they've discovered!

9. Sing a song or two or more! Don't worry about carrying a tune. Choose from childhood nursery rhymes to "golden oldies" of your era. Or maybe you can learn to rock 'n roll to some of your kids' preferred hits. The object is to have fun together.

10. Read a story to your child. Select a chapter book. Use "voices" to help make the characters come alive. You can travel around the world, through time, and into a moment where words and imaginations meet endless possibilities - together.

We hope your special day has reminded you on how fulfilling parenting CAN be. Don't limit yourself to one day of celebration. Use these ideas anytime that you (and your child) need a break from the pressures or reality. Happy Parents' Day, every day!

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