Celebrating Ramadan When You're Pregnant

Umhuda shares, "you can fast or not fast if you are pregnant. I used to fast one day on one day off so I would not have the entire month to make up. Bottom line, do what is required for your health and the health of the baby."

"What the women in my husband's country do when they are pregnant during Ramadan is go to a doctor and if the doctor says they are ok to fast then they fast," Tasneem says.

"I am due in Ramadhan this year. I plan to try fasting up until my due day. From what I've heard, it's easier and better on the baby to fast late in the pregnancy versus early in the pregnancy," Alhamdul shares.

Will you fast for Ramadan? Do you have any advice for moms-to-be who do? We look forward to hearing your comments and wish you and your families a good fast!