Celebrity Moms -- Who Is Breastfeeding?

by Lucinda Loveless

Angelina JolieBreastfeeding rates are on the rise in the U.S. Almost 77 percent of new mom choose to nurse their babies.

Celebrity moms are no exception. When their babies cry, they comfort them. When they're wee ones are hungry, they nurse them.

While these famous moms might not intend to, they become breastfeeding advocates just because of who they are. Love them or hate them, celebrity endorsements are worth their weight in gold -- in the case, breast milk.

When Angelina Jolie breastfeeding one of the twins appeared on the cover of "W Magazine" in 2008, headlines asked if it was tasteful or too much. What about the recent TIME magazine cover? Ms. Jolie breastfeeding hardly seems as controversial now.

Which celebrities are in the breastfeeding spotlight? These famous moms are nursing their babies, proud of it, and are helping to spread positive perceptions and information about breastfeeding to the masses.

Celebrity Moms Who Breastfed in 2012

Pink nursed her baby during a KIIS FM radio show interview. She gave an update on her new album and her baby, Willow while feeding her. Part way through the interview she is told the host that she had just switched sides and shared that, "My left side is a lot more talented than my right."

Emily Deschanel takes breastfeeding onto the set. Did you hear about Bones being pro-breastfeeding? In the new episode she talks about breastfeeding and is shown "nursing" her baby. Emily Deschanel is a breastfeeding mama in real life, to her little boy Henry.

Alanis Morissette made headlines when she said that she prioritizes breastfeeding Ever, her 16-month-old son. "I breastfeed and I'll be breastfeeding until my son is finished and he weans," she said on "The Billy Bush Show."

Mayim Bialik, actress and author, is known to some as Dr. Blossom. In a CNN interview, she explained, "Just to clarify: attachment parenting takes no stance on how long you should breastfeed. The notion is to educate people about breastfeeding." Bialik still nurses 3-year-old Fred, as he slowly weans himself.

Beyonce nursed 8-week-old Blue Ivy at a cafe in New York City's West Village. When nursing moms often lack support from the general public, Beyonce's comfort with feeding her baby brings us one step closer to normalizing nursing in public.

Alicia Silverstone was photographed breastfeeding Bear Blu while walking around in Brentwood with her baby in a fling. Earlier this year she made the news when she gave her 10-month-old son chewed up food.

Hilary Duff found breastfeeding tough in the beginning, but it's become a favorite time with Luca, born in March, 2012.

Danica McKellar, mom to Draco, says that extended breastfeeding is more common than we think. "I'm 20 months into it and going strong!" she said.

Alyssa Milano and son, Milo, began their breastfeeding togetherness last August. Her biggest surprise was that something so natural can be so awkward in the beginning.

January Jones went back to work when her son Xander was about seven-weeks-old. How did she work and nurse? She was able to bring her baby to the set. "I had the baby and the baby nurse in their own room so I could go back and feed him every two hours," January shares.

Kelly Preston is still feeding her toddler, Benjamin. "It has been incredibly rewarding and healing. It gives me so much joy to breastfeed him and I am so grateful that I am able to do it. He loves it, too!"

Celebrity moms are standing up for the rights of moms and babies everywhere. to have the best start in life, through breastfeeding. Which other celebs are nursing their babies? Share your "finds" in the comments!

Photo courtesy of Jolie.png: Remy Steinegger via Wikimedia Commons