Cesarean Section: Recovery Tips

The scar will start to itch in the first week, a good sign of healing. Don't scratch the scar or pick at it. The itch is a sign of health but the scar must be left alone to heal.

Eventually, the staples may start to fall out on their own as the skin heals. Your doctor will have you come in about a week post-op to look at the incision and to remove the exterior stitches or staples. This procedure does not hurt, just tickles a bit if you are ticklish.

Many cesarean patients experience numbness around the incision and even in the abdomen for quite some time after surgery. The nerves and muscles were cut and it takes time for them to regrow and feeling to be restored. It will happen eventually. Aching and soreness at the site of incision is a common experience and may continue for weeks or months. It is not severe, just a reminder of the trauma your body underwent as you gave birth to your baby.

Never in history have cesarean sections been safer, less painful, or more efficient. Should you be facing the prospect of a C-section, remember that your doctor has performed a lot of them and that recovery is typically prompt and complete with the patient's prospects for more children unharmed.

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