Choosing the Birth Experience You Want

Most of you who read this book will be working outside the home throughout your entire pregnancy and returning to your job within three to six months. Some of our suggestions may seem to be too much bother for the amount of time that you have, especially when you're interested in making your pregnancy and birth as easy as possible, not more complicated. We think the issue remains choice, not what you pick. Do what works for you, take what you want from this book, and ignore the rest. I believe the best environment in which to deliver a baby would be within the ob wing, but in a more casual, homelike setting. I think a new mother should be allowed to have as much interaction with family members as she feels up to -- including other children, parents, spouse. The new baby should be allowed in the patient's room during these family gatherings if the parents so wish. I would also encourage as much mother-infant interaction as possible during the stay, interaction hopefully commencing immediately after delivery. I also feel "standing orders" for medication prior to and following delivery should be replaced with individualized recommendations.

Diana Korte and Roberta Scaer are authors of A Good Birth, A Safe Birth

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