Circumcision: Not Just a Little Snip

This is still sometimes done with absolutely no pain medication whatsoever. Little or no post op pain management is given, and the open wound must then attempt to heal itself while constantly exposed to urine and feces. Many doctors are now using pain medication for newborn circumcision. However, we know that even the most effective method, which is EMLA cream applied topically, then an injection called a penile block, is not so effective that 60% of babies still experience excessive pain. Other countries defer circumcision until the baby is old enough to undergo sedation anesthesia and be given effective pain medications in the post op period.

Cultural blinders can be so opaque that they block even the blindingly obvious light of common sense. This is the case of newborn circumcision. Circumcision is a big deal. It is not just a little snip. It does remove numerous nerve endings and blood vessels. It does really hurt. And it may not be for his own good.

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Kimberly Levine is the mother of six; five daughters and one son. She is also a childbirth educator and professional labor assistant. Kim believes that infant circumcision is a subject that needs to be taken more seriously by parents and medical professionals alike. Her hope is that people set down their ingrained cultural beliefs about this practice and really take a look at what it entails.


According to a study most circumcised men are prone to pre-mature ejaculation. So if you want to enjoy longer, a natural look and feel is better. Your parents should have known better.

I am so happy that my article has helped all of you. Please share with others. Especially now with this procedure being called under question, the more education people have, the better! Happy Father's Day to all!!!

Hi Kelly here, I am student of ccna and pregnant at the same time. Obtaining board simple search to find your site. I feel really nice to read especially in this article. It is very informative. All articles on your website are very informative and increase knowledge of many. However, this site plays a very important role in improving our new generation for the good work .... keep it up!

How wonderful to see an article that is not pro-circumcision!! Every male in both mine and my husband's family from my 90 year old grandfather to my 8 year old son is uncircumcised, and none have ever had any problems! Thanks so much for this great article!!

This is a great article. The next time someone criticizes me for not circumcising my son I should show them your article. My son is 13 months old and I do not regret my decision of not circumcising him.

What a great article. I did not circumcise my son for this exact reason. Why would anyone subject pain to their newborn baby? I would never forgive myself. My son is 8 and is just fine. He knows that we left him the way God created him..... why would we mess with his creation?