Colostrum: It's Yellow and Pure Gold!

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Susan Smallwood is a Research Analyst in Human Growth and Development (her fancy term when they ask if she is a house wife). After dealing with being told to wean by doctors and having her daughter develop colitis from formula, she decided to re-lactate. Her pediatrician said the baby was missing the enzyme that digested milk and soy protein and since it was in was no longer a problem. She is now 3 and loves soy bars and ice cream. Her son had trouble nursing in the beginning and was air lifted to Children s hospital due to a formula reaction. After that there was no more formula for him either. All this just to convince Susan she should become a lactation consultant. So now she hangs up her research analyst lab coat (ok so it's jeans and a t-shirt) and dons the McDonald's garb to fund the classes in order to study the world of the miracle flesh that hangs from her chest!

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