Common Pregnancy Complications in All Trimesters

Bleeding in the Last Half of Pregnancy

Bleeding in the third trimester with abdominal pain can indicate placental abruption, which occurs when the placenta separates from the uterine lining. Other causes for bleeding include sex. If you have any concerns, scares, or doubts, don't hesitate to contact your healthcare provider right away.

Placenta Problems

Placental problems include placental abruptia and placenta previa, where the placenta covers part or the entire opening of the cervix. If the placenta still covers the cervix at birth, your baby will need to arrive via a cesarean.

Twins and Higher Orders of Multiples

Pregnancy complications occur more often when you're carrying multiples. Your doctor will watch your pregnancy more closely than if you just had one baby growing. When you have twins or more, it automatically puts your pregnancy in the high-risk bucket.

Preterm Labor

Contractions in the second and third trimester could be a sign of preterm labor. First-time moms might confuse Braxton-Hicks contractions with the real thing. If your contractions remain regular or increase in intensity, call your doctor, it could be that time!

Rh Factor

At the beginning of your pregnancy, your blood will be tested for Rh factor. If your blood type is Rh negative and your baby's blood type is Rh positive, you start to build up antibodies against the next Rh positive baby. RhoGAM is a medication given around 28 weeks to prevent the build-up of these antibodies. It's given again at birth if the baby is Rh positive. RhoGAM is also given following a miscarriage or pregnancy loss.

Group B Strep Infection

The bacteria, Group B strep (GBS), is often found in the vagina and rectum of healthy women. It's usually not harmful to you, but GBS can be deadly to your baby if passed during childbirth. You can prevent your baby's exposure by getting tested at 35 to 37 weeks. If you carry GBS, you'll receive an antibiotic during labor to protect your baby.

Now that you're familiar with these common complications, see how you're baby is developing week-by-week or create your own pregnancy calendar!