A Sign of Our Times: Controlling Nature's Process of Birth

Tools, whether they be enlisting the support of a doula, utilizing the cognitive techniques of good childbirth education, or relying on acupuncture for pain control all have a similar common goal, and that is modifying how a woman will perceive the experience of birth. In reducing the anxiety and fear we allow the body unobstructed permission to perform its awesome work. Women also have the option of seeking counseling to overcome their deep fears.

Cesarean sections save lives, no one of course will dispute that fact. Millions of women and babies survive what would otherwise be tragic birth experiences because of this marvelous medical advantage. However, c- sections are intended to be an emergency intervention for the safety of mother and child. This procedure is considered major abdominal surgery, one that carries with it considerable risks such as infection, longer hospital stays, post-operative pain, and a much lengthier recovery which often interferes with a woman's ability to bond, adequately feed, and nurture her baby during the postpartum period. All of which again, certainly worth it if it meant the safe outcome of mother and baby.

Three years after the birth of her first Angela is due soon to give birth to her second child. But this time things will be different. First off, she will have a midwife as the obstetric practitioner and a doula for support. Though she will have to give birth at a hospital because of the small risk of uterine rupture she doesn't mind as long as she gives her body the chance of delivering her baby as close to natural as possible.

Her midwife is opposed to labor induction and gave Angela some educational literature detailing why it indeed increases the risk of medical intervention. Angela's expectations for a natural birth are realistic and she thoroughly understands and is accepting of the possible outcomes which may necessitate medical intervention.

But the biggest and most significant difference with this birth is that she's going to allow her baby to do what is expected of him. initiate his own birth. Now adequately educated to the risks of scheduled births Angela will reserve intervention to when it's needed for either the safety of her baby or herself.

It is apparent that perhaps for reasons yet unknown to us the coming of new life is directed by a force with a schedule all of its own.

Christine Ramos is a Registered Nurse with experience in the specialties of Maternal/Child Health and Cardiology. She is certified in Childbirth Education, Breastfeeding Counseling, and Doula and has written articles for numerous parenting publications and websites. Her first book, entitled 'A Journey Into Being. Knowing and Nurturing Our Children As Spirit' was just released June 2006. She is married and the mother of 2 boys ages and a girl. Christine offers private maternity services and always welcomes new clients. Please visit her website at www.IntuitiveNurturing.com.

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