Cookie Monster Shares Life Lessons

by Julie Snyder

Cookie Monster's BirthdayOn November 2, kids of all ages celebrate an important event -- Cookie Monster's birthday! Even though the Muppets officially like to recognize Cookie Monster's Birthday as November 2, it's also recognized on May 25, the birthday of Frank Oz, one of the famous Jim Henson puppeteers.

Celebrating both his birth and creation seems apt. This voracious, blue monster appeals to our most basic appetites and desires.

Those with small children might swear that they're parenting his clone. Toddlers and preschoolers can focus on a single obsession. While it might not be cookies, they seem insatiable in their quest. As an example, how many times have you read "Good Night, Moon"?

Cookie Monster often appears totally focused on cookies, but take a closer look and you'll see that his mom taught him important life lessons. This week, the furry critter takes a few minutes out of his busy "nom, nom" schedule to share these secrets with you.

Cookie Monster's Secrets

Be Confident

Know what you like and don't be shy trying to obtain it. Cookie Monster knows what he likes best. He doesn't just dream about it, but shares his passion with everyone. He talks. He barters for it, searches the set and even begs. When all else fails, he bakes up a batch.

Ask for Things

Sure the monster loves cookies, but he has standards. He won't knock anybody over to get a cookie. He will beg for the delicious round tidbit.

You shouldn't hit, shove or hurt those around you as you go for your dream, either. Instead, use your words to ask for your desires. If you have no luck asking, try bargaining or trading -- gently.

If It's Important, Sing About It

Music gets messages across. Simple words make them memorable. Would you recall that "C" makes the first sound in cookie if the information had been presented by an adult in a dull, dry monologue? Anyone who's heard that "C is for Cookie" remembers. Moms, keep the explanation simple and surround it with songs. A cute puppet doing the singing and explaining might help, too.

C is for Cookie

"C is for Cookie, and that's good enough for me!" Sometimes parents will be a bit sneaky when it comes to nutrition and Ms. Monster wholeheartedly endorses your efforts.

Did you know that the "cookies" our blue friend eats are usually rice crackers decorated to look like cookies? You can sneak healthy ingredients into your child's favorite cookie or meatloaf recipe!

Math Makes Sense

Fractions are easy...with cookies. Counting's a snap. What better way to learn about half or twice than with a friendly platter of your favorite snack!

Looks Aren't Everything

You might have uncontrollable hair. Your chin could be pointy. Your ears might stick out. Learn from the monster. He has big googly eyes, a scratchy voice and body that will only know a six-pack by standing next to the fridge. Still everyone loves him.

Love is...

Love can mean sacrifice. It can mean sharing your heart or sharing your spot. It can mean sharing your last cookie! As our favorite blue monster says, "Sometimes me think what is love. And then me think love is what last chocolate cookie is for. Me give up the last chocolate cookie for you."

Has our favorite munching monster shared parenting secrets with you? Pass them on!


wishing4agirl's picture

This is a great article!! I need to remember this for next school year. Faith and I will be doing some homeschooling and I'll want to include this. Maybe do some pretending.