Create a Halloween Costume: Scarecrow

by Della H. Harris

scarecrow and pumpkinMore humble than straw, a scarecrow costume works for any age! This costume is easy on the pocketbook, made of recycled materials and simple to make. It's even super quick to put together, so works well for the "last-minute" trick-or-treater! All you need are some old jeans, a few rags and batch of imagination!

Do you shy away from projects requiring sewing? Here's one you won't have to avoid! Forget about how nice your stitches have to look. This costume shines with uneven stitches and patches.

Halloween Scarecrow Costume Project

How hard is this costume project? We rate it with an "Easy" stamp.
How much will this cost? We're guessing you can pay as little as $5.00.
How much time will this take? We estimate about 3 hours.

What You'll Need

• Outgrown or well-worn overalls
• Outgrown or well-worn plaid shirt
• Yellow or gold felt for straw
• Leaves from the craft store
• Twine
• Scissors
• Needle & thread or glue gun
• Straw hat

Create Your Scarecrow

toddler in scarecrow costumeStep 1. Gather up all your supplies. If you're tiny tot can be a handful, we suggest creating this costume during nap time.
Step 2. Slice and dice. Cut the felt into 2½" to 3" strips. Make perpendicular slices to within 3/4" of a long edge. The slices should be about 1/3" apart for the "straw."
Step 3. Measure and trim: Measure around the openings and trim the strips for sleeves and pant legs. Position a strip on the inside of each sleeve or pant leg and sew or glue into place.

toddler in scarecrow costumeStep 4. Make your patches. Cut various sized patches from your fabric scrapes. You'll need four to six.
Step 5. Decorate: Sew or glue leaves, twine, and fabric scraps on the overalls.
Step 6. Fill the hip pockets. Slice felt into "hay," stuff into the hip pockets and sew in place.
Step 7. Decorate the hat. Wrap twine around the straw hat for a band. Add a few leaves, a dab of straw...
Step 8. Try it on, get out the camera and share those pictures!

light bulbBig tip: Lots of craft stores offer discount coupons. Be on the lookout for big 40%, 50% and sometimes 60% savings!

AshnBill says that her son Miles loves the costume. "I used a pair of his outgrown overalls, and an outgrown plaid shirt, had enough orange felt on hand (barely!) to add the fringe to look like hay, but it won't bug him since it's felt. The fringe added just enough length to the overalls and shirt to make them fit again. I don't think I'll be able to wash it because of the hay, but I think I'll use it in future years to make a little scarecrow out in the yard."

We're sending a special shout-out to AshnBill who's idea and pictures inspired this article.

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